Barcelona like a local


I arrived in Barcelona 11 years ago. Since that time, I’ve lived the most “terrifying” transformation of the city. Barcelona is not the same and it never will be… But, we could still find some authentic plans where we could enjoy the city like a local.

I recognize the fact that I don’t doubt whether to share these kinds of plans with you or not. I’m pretty sure that you like my blog because you are not a tourist and are a local person (or you usually travel like a local). For this reason, I’d like to trust you. I’m convinced that you will enjoy it and not change it into an attraction park.

Shall we discover the city like a local? Let’s go and enjoy (and, please, share it only if your friend is an authentic traveller, not a common tourist).

Refugi 307

If I discovered it, it was by pure chance. I enjoyed a cultural walk and our guide talked about the refugees and recommended the Refugi 307 to us. Some weeks after I motivated some friends to go. I only tell you that it moved us, (pure goosebumps!!). We also discovered an interesting part of our history. I have repeated the visit twice since my first time.
I don’t want to tell you much more, because you should enjoy and after that, if you want, share it with me.

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Hotel’s terraces

It could be one of my favourite places out of the city without going away from the city.
Barcelona has plenty of luxury and cool Hotels and you can spend your free time in their terraces. It is quite expensive (4-6 euros for a coffee, 5 euros a beer), but you should check it once in your life, I am pretty sure that you will love it.
It is expensive, but you can enjoy the best city view without tourist and enjoying a coffee at the same time.
Without a doubt, it is a perfect plan!

I recommend you to check out Gastronosfera, it organises different plans: vespres Inedit in Summer,…

Catalan Food

It is said that you can’t enjoy a real catalan restaurant in Barcelona. It is quite true.
Barcelona has plenty of restaurants. You can enjoy all the nationalities if you want: Indian, arabic or Turkish in Raval, Japanese, Italian, Thai, Mexican,… and also this new concept of restaurant, that I usually name a “modern” or “trendy” restaurant. But, where could you find a catalan restaurant?
It is fairly certain that there are not many catalan restaurants around Barcelona, considering that Barcelona, as a touristic place, is replacing its local business by multinational Brands and locals (McDonals, Costa, Starbucks, …), you can still spend a Great time in a local place.
I’d like to share with you some of them. I suggest you look for a new one and share it with me. The key is getting Lost in the city, wandering and avoiding the centric places and streets.

  • El Glop in Gracia .
    The must is their “fideua” and “Black rice”.
  • Vermuteria del Tano
    It is like the time was stopped some decades ago. It is perfect to enjoy a “vermut” and “tapa”.
  • El Tomás de Sarria
    “Bravas” potatoes is one of the best and more typical plates in Barcelona. If there were a top List, Thomas should be there.
  • Taller de marionetas Pepe Otal. It is a real magical place. I absolutely love it! It is an old marionette workshop where you can enjoy a marionette show some Fridays (you have to follow them on Facebook to know about it).

I’d like to share more and more places and plans with you. But I would rather keep them with me and share them in another post. (I hope they will survive the crazy gentrification).

If you love Barcelona, please, avoid multionantional business and take care of local business.