Key items to make the perfect backpack


It is time to get lost in a new adventure. Summertime is here and we are ready to travel around…

What will I need? Which should be my travel outfit? How can I pack all I need? … Without a doubt, packing our backpacks is one of the most terrible moments before travelling. We never will be sure about it!!

When we travel, our backpacks should be one of the most important things to think about before. Considering it, I’d like to share with you my key items to make the perfect backpack. Are you ready?

#KeyItem 1

Choose all you’ll need & want. Try to make it one week (or few days) before. Put them over your bed, and try to tidy up! Think about what you really need, and rule unnecessary things out.

#KeyItem 2

Less is more. We tend to pack a lot of unnecessary stuff. We usually think we could need it. But all of these “just in case items” are just “just in case items”. Think about your last travel… Did you need it?

#KeyItem 3

Pack your essentials, and forget the daily outfit. You don’t need it! We spend our workdays thinking about our outfits, we don’t need – and want- to spend our holidays thinking about it. Be simple is the main key!

#KeyItem 4

The beauty is on your way. Forget selfies, forget make up, forget to be perfect in your shared photos. It’s holidays, it’s your time. Do you really want to spend this precious time thinking about your next photo and likes? Be yourself and enjoy the moment. I’m pretty sure that you’d like to share the moment. Let your point of view talk for you. You don’t need to be perfect!

#KeyItem 5

Quechua is not your style. Why do we need to buy some kind of special clothes to travel around? Take your time to explore your closet. I’m convinced that you could find there most the stuff that you will need. So, you don’t need to dress up as the explorer of the year. You are not this kind of tourist. You are a traveller. Be yourself!

To end with my traveller key list, I’d like to share with you some good advice that I have learnt on my way…

Make a folder in the cloud (Google Docs, Dropbox), and upload all the important and necessary documents of your trip: hostel bookings, passport, visas, credit card, flight details, … Nowadays you don’t need to keep so many sheets. Less weight, less trees, less risk in case your stuff were stolen or lost or damaged.

You are not travelling to Mars. The place that you are travelling has market, pharmacies, shops, … Search and read about your destination, and think about what you really need to wear with you, and which you could buy there.

When you consider all these advices you travel light. Then, you are ready to fly like a butterfly!