The cheapest ways to travel


People usually tell me that I´m like Willy Fog because I travel a lot. They think that I have a lot of money, but I’m not rich.

You need money if you want to travel, that’s true! But you don’t need ta lot of money to travel.

There plenty ways of travelling.

You can book an all-inclusive vacation package for your holidays, which is expensive and you may travel only once a year.

You can also travel as a backpacker and, maybe, you can which may allow you to travel more often.

There are a lot of cheap ways to travel… If you want  some tips, just continue reading.

Which are the cheapest ways to travel?

The key (or one of the main keys) is to ask yourself: Do I just want to travel around or do I focus on a specific destination?

If you are focusing on a specific destination, your travel may not be the cheapest. But if you are open to discover other options you will find a cheap ticket. Therefore, find the cheapest destination before organizing your trip.