A crunchy recipe: garlic and ginger rice


A few weeks ago, we visited some friends that are living in a small village in the French countryside. We spent a really nice time eating and cooking a lot. So the last day our friend decided to cook something easy for all of us to eat. It was a crunchy garlic and ginger rice, maybe, one of the best rice recipes that I have ever tried!

We thought that it was a great idea; all of us loved the ingredients! It was also a very creative recipe and it tasted absolutely delicious. Since then, I love it!


For the crunchy
1 cup of garlic, finely chopped
1 cup of ginger, finely chopped
(we can add more ginger and garlic, always in the same amount)
Good quality virgin olive oil


For the rice

Rice (previously cooked)
3-4 leeks
Some virgin olive oil


Soy sauce

Cook the rice and reserve.
Chop the garlic and ginger finely. Put the garlic and ginger into a frying pan and add plenty of olive oil. We need plenty of it to cover the ginger and garlic. Cook them around 20 minutes on a slow burn. Strain the ginger and garlic. After that, reserve.
Chop the leeks and cook them in a pot with the virgin olive oil left from cooking the garlic and ginger (for 15 minutes). When the leeks are quite blind, turn off and add the rice.





Serve the rice and the crunchy separately, so that each one can serve as much rice and crunchy as they want. Offer some soy sauce and season the rice with it. Let’s enjoy your crunchy meal.