Living without sugar


I got used to living without sugar, and I feel really better since I have started my new lifestyle. Why have I changed my diet? There were  different reasons which have influenced me: my diet became more healthier when I met my boyfriend. He is type 1 diabetic, and I like to take care of our meals. But, before meeting him, I had gotten used to changing my diet. I had tried to eat healthier, because my body and the environment concerned me.

Many people think that I am crazy. They argue that we can’t stop eating cakes or others kinds of desserts. The problem with their point of view is wrong about the meaning of living without sugar. To start with, sweet is not the same as sugar, we could try and taste a lot of varieties of delicious cakes and desserts made without sugar. To end with, sugar is not only cakes, sugar is fast food, processed food, etc

Maybe you’d want to tell me that we can’t live without sugar because we live in a sweety developed word, and we can’t avoid sugar. I agree, but I am also pretty sure that if you want, you could change it and being a life living without sugar. I’d like to tell you some reasons and secrets. Shall we go?

Benefits of living without lugar

I’ll tell you the most important. But the best way is to try and be aware of them…

  • Realize the real taste of food. At the beginning, you could think your food is bland. But, finally, you will really love your new menu!
  • Distinguish emotional hungry from real hungry. Sugar give us pleasure, it is like a drug. We need much sugar in as much sugar we eat. So, stop eating sugar, and you won’t need it anymore.
  • Much energy. Sugar gives us immediate energy. But, as fast as it comes, it goes. If you eat healtily, you could have good energy all the day.
  • Health. Because sugar (especially added sugar) is the origin of a lot of illness: diabetis, obesity, depression, … And, sugar also affects to our intestinal flora.

Where is the sugar?

We live in a sugar’s World, and it is quite hard to avoid it. But If we know where it is, and we could keep clear of it or at least reduce it. So, which kinds of products should we delete or avoid from our diet?

  • Processed biscuits, pastries, sweet or flavored yogurts, cakes and cereals for breakfast. We could try fruit, a cup of tea, scrambled eggs, a slice of toas bread with tomato and Olive oil (instead of butter and jam).
  • Avoid any kind of processed juices and soft-drinks. They are really unhealthy. Try to make your own natural juices or drink teas.
  • Don’t buy processed food (any kind of). It is the worst food, it is killing us slowly! Try to go to the market, buy seasonal vegetables, and cook your meals. Avoid processed sauces like tomato sauce or ketchup, mayonnaise, pesto,… Try to made it yourself!
  • And, above everything, delete from your diet: sweeties or candies, packaging and canned products (like vegetables, lunchmeat), soluble cacao, vegetable milk with sugar added (we have a lot of healthy vegetable milk brands!).

*Try to buy your bread in a good bakery: some kind of natural and no processed bread.

*Try to eat the seasonal fruit, considering it, your diet could be healthier because Nature brings us the products that we need in each season.

Alternative and healthy sweets

Maybe you could think that you aren’t able to avoid sugar. I love the sweet, and I usually cook cakes and others kinds of desserts. I’d like to persuade you, so I will tell you some alternative and healthy ideas …

Change your recipes, and use a piece of fruit instead of sugar. I get used to make cakes adding an apple and some cinnamon. I love my new cakes, and I honestly feel that you will love too.

And, you could add raisin, or other dried fruit, inside of adding sugar.

Honey. It is a natural and healthy sweetener, and it gives you a lot of properties and benefits. It must to be natural (not processed) and we can’t use diary.

Sweet vegetables: pumpkin, carrot, or beetroot are sweet vegetables that we can use to make a cake, a juice, … Have you ever tried a carrot, pumpkin or beetroot cake? I am pretty sure that you have tried for sure.

To end with, I’d like to tell you that I love sweets, and sometimes I want to buy a sweet ice cream or a piece of cake, and I do it!

The way I see it is to be a conscious consumer and have a conscious and healthy diet. This is my best recommendation!
We have only one body, one life, and one World. Let’s take care of them!