Key items to backpack with kids


Could a family travel as backpackers? Should I stop travelling if I have childrens? Could I backpack with my baby? Will I be a tourist (not a traveller) when I have children? …

There are a lot of questions around this issue – and it is believed that your traveller spirit dies when you become a father or mother-.

I’d like to think you don’t need to change radically your style of life radically, you simply include new habits, and stuff, in your life and day-to-day. And I could test it last summer when I travelled around Kazakstan with my sister and her daughter (4 years old). In the same way, after traveling (as a backpacker) with my niece, I realized that you have to change some habits when you are traveling with kids.

Today, I want to tell you my capital sins to backpack with kids.

I’m pretty sure if you think about them your travel could be more easier (and funny)…

#Capital Sin 1

Fun is not a kids matter.

It is a fact. You can enjoy backpacking with your children the same or more than before being mother or father. Forget your single ideas and let’s to plan a travel with (your) kids.

#Capital Sin 2

Their jet lag is suffered by you too.

Think about this issue when you book a flight. Less is more! So, try to fly during the night, or only a few stops. Maybe it could be more expensive than other options, but it could avoid you (and your kids) a terrify jet lag during your travel.

#Capital Sin 3

They are travelers too.

Choose a destination that they could choose and enjoy as you. It is basic, I know, but we usually tend to forget it. Would your kids enjoy going all over the City? Or  will they really enjoy being in the mountains?

#Capital Sin 4

Take your (their) time.

Without a doubt they have their special time. Make it yours and try to enjoy traveling as a child. I strongly believe that both of you will enjoy much more.

#Capital Sin 5

Take a kids perspective.

They have a special vision of world. They have their world. As travelers, they surely experience different feelings. I remember my travel around Kazakstan, my niece used to ask us “where will we spend the night today?”. For her, moving hostels was a funny experience and she used to tal about her preferences. “I don’t like our new home” or “I’d like to go back to the last home”.

#Capital Sin 6

Have a good attitude.

Remember, they didn’t choose to travel and sometimes, they don’t understand the different cultures, time zones or possible troubles found when traveling. Keep calm and have a good attitude. The way I see it, this is the best way to avoid the kid having a tantrum!

#Capital Sin 7

Don’t forget…

iPad, mobile, computer,… Think about how long your flight will be and if you will have unlimited films aboard.

And, of course, pack their basics! You mustn’t miss any toy, book or thing that they could need during the journey.